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Apex Shed Reference

Order your shed by reference number

Apex Shed Reference numbers can be used for any size shed

Tell us the size of the garden shed

Plus The Shed Reference number

A Shed Reference will tell us the position of the door and it will also tell us if the door is hinged on the left or the right.

We will know from Shed Reference numbers 1 and 1A that this an apex shed.

A Shed Reference number will NOT tell us the size of your shed

You need to tell us this

Apex Shed Reference 1

Apex Reference Numbe 1
Apex Reference Numbe 1
Apex Reference Numbe 1
Apex Reference Numbe 1

We will ask and advise you about what type and how many windows are installed

Apex Shed Reference 1A

Apex Reference Numbe 1A
Apex Reference Numbe 1A
Shed Reference Numbe 1A.
Apex Reference Numbe 1A

We will ask you other questions to complete your order before manufacturing commences.

Once your order has been completed you will be given a delivery date.
Please make a note of this date.
The team assembling your shed will try and contact you on this date with an update on the expected time of arrival.

Please remember that a solid level area is required and should be done before your shed is delivered.

Some Window Options

More Information
Step by step guide

Some advice after your Pent shed has been assembled

Timber treatment

A factory applied base coat will be applied free to every shed but this will not fully protect the timber. To protect timber used in the construction of sheds another coat of timber treatment will be required and should be applied as soon as possible (within 4 weeks).

A suitable timber preservative should be applied to:

  1. The exterior of your shed, any doors, and the inside of the roof.
  2. Painting all the internal cladding is entirely your preference, however, please remember timber will last longer if it is protected with a suitable timber preservative.

Recommended products should be:

  • Suitable for exterior planed timber.

Our recommended product is Timber Decking OIL (not stain)


  • Timber preservative suitable for exterior timber inground contact.
  • Products that contain fungicide.

Note: Read the tin for information, a picture of a shed on the tin does not mean it is a suitable product.

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